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Stop smoking - What to expect

What to expect when you quit smoking.

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Withdrawal symptoms

Some people will have some withdrawal symptoms (irritability, depression, restlessness, poor concentration, increased appetite and cravings) but it's unlikely that a person will experience all of these and generally symptoms fade within 10 weeks of quitting.

Weight gain

Weight gain is often a concern and a barrier to quitting smoking, but with most things, fore-warned is fore-armed and determined quitters realise that although there will be hurdles to overcome along the way, the long-term rewards are worth it.

When will I start to feel healthier?

Take the case of someone who has decided that today is the day, they've done their planning, got their quit aids and support all in place, family and friends are on board and they're going for it. How quick is the pay-back in health terms?

Quit time: 07:30 hrs

  • By the end of today: Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood halve. Oxygen levels return to normal and circulation improves.
  • This time tomorrow: Carbon monoxide and nicotine will be completely eliminated from the body
  • In two days time: Noticeable improvements in senses of taste and smell
  • This time next month: Skin condition and appearance improves. Skin loses its grey pallor and appears less wrinkled
  • Between 3 – 9 months: Improvement in respiratory health. Marked decline in coughing and wheezing
  • This time next year: Risk of heart attack halves (compared to when smoking)
  • In ten years time: Risk of lung cancer halves (compared to when smoking)
  • In 15 years time: Risk of heart attack drops to the same level as someone who has never smoked

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