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On the brain

Health issues

Smoking and stress

One of the reasons why smokers find it hard to give up cigarettes is because nicotine triggers a chain of events in the body that makes smokers feel that they 'need' the cigarette to feel relaxed and happy.

However, it's all just an elaborate scam on the part of nicotine and the more you smoke, the more you need and that's how you get hooked.

What happens to your brain when you take a drag on a cigarette?

Within 10 seconds of inhaling tobacco smoke, the following chain of events takes place in the brain and the body:

  1. Nicotine reaches the brain and latches onto receptors that are carried by neurons. These are the brain's working cells.
  2. This starts the brain transmitting messages to the body to release noradrenalin and dopamine. These are stimulants.
  3. Dopamine is associated with pleasure and to keep feeling good, smokers often develop regular smoking patterns.

What happens when your nicotine levels drop?

When the nicotine levels drop, the person starts to 'crave' nicotine. This craving makes the smoker feel stressed. When that person has a cigarette and satisfies the craving, this is the feeling they mistake of the cigarette having made them 'relax'.

Cigarettes are linked with a number of psychological disorders including agoraphobia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

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